About us

Highlives, a leader with 10 years' experience in manufacturing & sourcing the advanced ceramics and providing innovational solutions in many industries, offer a wide range of adcanced ceramics in different materials, like Zirconia and Alumina in diverse markets all around the world.

We are also a CIM parts maker over 10 years with very good surface treatment.

We're working with our customers for a long time and understand what they really need. Reacting to customers fastly, solving their problems professionally, maintaining and enhancing the relationship with our customers is why Highlives can develop well with every passing day.

The aim for Highlives is to provide customers not only the service and products, but also make a real and measurable contribution to the success of their businesses.

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Contact: Diane Yang

Phone: +86-15858298013

Tel: +86-15858298013

Company: Highlives Technical Ceramic Co.,Ltd

Add: Room 501,5rd Floor,No.945 Jingchang Road,Xihu District,Hangzhou,China