Isostatic Pressing

Isostatic pressing, also known as hydrostatic pressure forming, is a kind of forming method which make use of the non compressibility of liquid medium and even can transfer pressure. That is, when the sample is in the pressure vessel, the pressure it suffered is the same as in the same depth of the static water pressure, so it is called hydrostatic or isostatic pressing, according to the principle of the molding process is called hydrostatic forming, Or called isostatic pressing.

Isostatic pressing method has the following characteristics:

(1) The utility model can form a product which can not be produced in a general way, which has the advantages of complex shape, large size,thin and long products and small size with high forming quality.

(2) The molding pressure can be conveniently increased without increasing the operation difficulty, and the effect of the pressure effect is better than that of other dry pressing methods.

(3) Due to the uniform pressure of the embryo, the density is large and uniform, and the firing shrinkage is small, so it is not easy to deform.

(4) mold making is convenient, has long using life and low cost.

(5) can be less or no binder.

Isostatic pressing advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages: high density, good quality, high-volume molding

Disadvantages: high cost, can not do special shape


The isostatic pressing equipment comprises the following steps: first, loading the prepared billet into an elastic mold made of plastic or rubber, placing the billet in a high-pressure container, sealing the high-pressure liquid medium and transferring the pressure to the elastic mold so as to transfer pressure to the billet . The pressure is then released to remove the mold and the formed embryo is removed from the mold. The liquid medium may be water, oil or glycerol.However, it is advisable to use the medium with small compressibility, such as brake oil or glycerin. Elastic mold material should be used with good elasticity, good oil resistance such as rubber or similar plastic.

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